Nobel Energy

Who we are

Nobel Energy has taken the historical name of the Nobel family, and being well aware of what it stands for, makes utmost efforts to follow the Nobel brothers’ heritage, expertise, standards and beliefs.

Qustaf Nobel

Great grandson of Ludvig Nobel
The member of Nobel Energy Board of Directors

Nobel heritage

Azerbaijan can be referred to as the cradle of the energy industry. It all started more than a thousand years ago, when travelers in the region could see the oil bubbling out of the ground and locals using this natural resource in their daily life. The first oil boom arrived in Azerbaijan during the second half of the 19th century thanks to the efforts exerted by entrepreneurs like the Nobel brothers and the Rothschild family.

In 1875 two brothers of the Nobel family from Sweden, Ludvig and Robert, founded the Petroleum Production Company Nobel Brothers, Limited, abbreviated to Branobel. The third brother, Alfred, joined the newborn company as a financing partner.

Pushed by the need for fresh solutions to carry oil from Baku to Europe, Ludvig, who had a great experience in shipbuilding, designed and constructed the first oil-carrying steamship named “Zoroaster”. This was followed by the first pipeline ever laid in Azerbaijan. The Nobel brothers believed in the sustainability of their business in the Caspian Sea and demonstrated it by building houses for employees, schools for their children and providing essential healthcare services.

A large part of the company’s profit was returned to its employees in order to improve their standard of living and working conditions. Today, the Nobel name is highly respected and the family’s contributions are greatly appreciated. As a token of respect to the Nobel family, the Baku Nobel Heritage Fund was established in 2004. One of its major accomplishments was the complete restoration of Villa Petrolea, the family’s residence.